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Website is under construction. However, please feel free to take a peek at it along with us. Be sure to let us know what you think. We welcome you to contact us via email at or by calling (281)703-5670. Let us answer all your questions or inquiries. 

The home of Imagenuine, Second Identity First, and Houston Artists' Commune

An 'Out of the Box' all inclusive, cooperative community for developing artists, photographers, writers, and short-film makers with a defined objective towards achieving entrepreneurial skill and  financial sustainability as creative individuals while optimizing purpose of life as it is perceived by each member. 

We provide well-defined and structured path coupled with utmost empathy towards realizing the value of existence and its manifestation. 

We just don't create artists; we develop confident leaders who are morally and ethically sound. 

We take challenges, not risks; we pursue infinite, not indefinite; we embrace dreams, not desires.

We instill absolute freedom of soul.  

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