Aseity Creations, LLC was founded by PK Das in 2017. Later in 2018, 'Imagenuine' was launched as a registered branch of Aseity Creations, LLC. Subsequently, the formation of 'Second Identity First', and 'Houston Artists Cooperative' took place in 2019. Today, each of these branches maintain distinctly different purposes and objectives. 

The core objective of Aseity Creations, LLC is to support and to promote emerging artists of all ages primarily engaged in painting (any medium), photography, and writing. 


Imagenuine is the art gallery where artists, photographers, and writers are coached, guided, and encouraged to take part in exhibitions. Imagenuine promotes the artworks of participating creative souls to its art collectors data base and to the population in general using various other marketing methods. Imagenuine also provides studio space, equipment, models and much more to those who wish to obtain professional experiences. 

Second Identity First: A creative platform that extends educational support, structured coaching, and guidance to the aspiring beginner and the advanced intermediate artlovers. PK's own life has snatched away nearly three decades of possibilities where his identity as an artist was compromised in order to sustain through the 'survival of the fittest' mode. Often, pursuing life as an artist is too challenging that the creative minds are forced to chase the rat race of life through other means that are far from art and creativity. Therefore, their identity comes to be known as anything but an artist (physician, lawyer, engineer, architect, scientist, salesperson, laborer, waiter/waitress etc). Whereas, the inclination of pursuing art never dies, it only continues to make life unfulfilling. That is why, 'Second Identity First' provides the              

To consult the rules of composition before making a picture is a little like consulting the law of gravitation before going for a walk.

support towards nurturing and cultivating the creative aspirations under a well defined and constructive structure that can offer the creative minds to be courageous where they can pursue their aspiration and dream. 


Houston Artists' Commune: A wing where true to the sense a cooperative infrastructure is provided to all creative minds who needs that extra support in the form of network or collaboration to advance their creative aspirations. A membership based association that provides definitive pointers towards settling as professional artist, photographer, or writer. Our resources and connections are provided to the members towards stepping into the professional world of creativity. In a club like environment, constructive peer to peer support as well as feedback (often from established artists, photographers, and writers) pushes each others' boundaries to redefine their own horizon. Members also receive coaching and other support towards developing their own business as an art-entrepreneur. Houston Artists' Commune is prepared to launch a monthly art tabloid that will be available throughout the country at various art galleries, art studios, art stores, art institutions, art shows. Members of Houston Artists' Commune receive national exposure.  


Last but not the least is 'Holistic Photography by PK'. This is designed to work similar to art therapy and it is open to the general population. PK brings forth his expertise to empower individuals through almost a spiritual journey towards realizing the self and their individual potentials in the most authentic way via customized photo session.


To learn in depth about each of our programs and events, please sign up via the form below. We will mail our brochure that covers details and explains everything we offer. As a token gesture of our appreciation, we will also include a free gift. Aseity Creations, LLC wishes to touch every single soul who is trapped in anywhere else other than creativity in the form of arts. We pledge our unconditional support to develop more and more artists and art workers who will be socially committed and culturally inclusive. Alone, none of us may ever see the rainbow of creativity. Collectively, many of us will become the sunshine.

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Imagenuine Gallery

  • Artwork Exhibition & Sales.

  • Studio Space Sharing.

  • Equipment Sharing.

  • Artwork Sales, Rentals, and Lease to own.

  • Residential and Commercial Interior Decoration Services.

  • Writers' Corner.

  • Book Publishing Support for Authors.

  • Promotional Support for Published Authors. 

  • Art Tabloid Publishing.

  • Create Your Own Podcast using our space and equipment.

Second Identity First

  • 13-Week Instruction Session for the Beginners in Photography. 

  • 13-Week Lesson for Intermediates in Photography.

  • Curated Group and Solo Exhibitions.

  • Painting, Sketching, Drawing Classes.

  • Creative Writing Classes.

  • Coaching for Art Entrepreneurship (How to pursue art as a profession).

  • Financial Sensibility for Artists.

  • Short-Film making Support Services.

Houston Artists' Commune

  • Network to establish as professional. 

  • Structured Workshops.

  • Speaker series (by recognized creative personalities).

  • Individualized Promotion & Support. 

  • Outdoor and Indoor Space to Create Artwork (including connecting with our preferred models). 

  • Regular meet - Peer to Peer Feedback - Evaluation. 

  • Submission Opportunity to Nationwide Art Competitions, Art Galleries. 

  • Opportunity for Artwork Sales and Installations.   

Holistic Photography by PK

  • Holistic Approach to Photography sessions for General Population. (House Specialty Geared towards Empowering Individuals and to Develop an Authentic Deeper Connection with Self).

  • Photo Tour (India, Bhutan, Nepal including the Himalayas - Twice a Year).

  • Art Retreats within the USA.

  • Recreational Photography and Painting Sessions to rejuvenate,  and to release stress/tension. 

  • Couples' Photo Session for Fostering Bonding and for Deepening Relationship.

Whereas, each program is available singularly, however, members receive discounts in nearly everything. Let's be realistic. A photographer often is an artist as well as a writer. It is only obvious for us to present such wholeness to our members where they can roam freely between disciplines. That is why each of our wings are intertwined, giving the members access to a complete creative platform. Additionally, we strive to maintain an atmosphere of association (club) where everyone participate with open heart under a supportive collaborator mindset. We believe in togetherness and oneness. Our objective is to create a thriving art community that can be reflected through positivism in the society. Please contact us for details of each program and pricing. 


It is not necessary for everyone to become a member of Aseity Creations. Please understand, Aseity Creations is not all in all a business entity. It is rather a forum to enhance creativity for the aspiring and emerging creative minds, currently engaged in painting, drawing, sketching, photography, or writing. We connect with valuable resources to extend creative support under one roof to all interested souls. Anyone from any part of the world can become a member of Aseity Creations, however, our in person services mostly benefit the residents of Houston and surrounding areas. We are open to all age brackets. We even have curriculum for children 10 years and above. Childhood is the best time to immerse into creativity. Similarly, we have well defined activities for the seniors. Anyone in between will also find appropriate relevancy through structured programs at Aseity Creations. To offer individualized attention, we operate in small groups, often with 10 or less participants per group. Nonetheless, during our open floor activities, all members are able to mingle with each other. Due to the limited space we will stop accepting new membership once the maximum number has been reached. 


To provide extraordinary services we offer only two tiers of membership: 1) VITAL membership, and 2) VALUE membership.       

VITAL membership Benefits

  • FREE use of Imagenuine studio floor 4 hours per year. ($200 value).

  • FREE Financial sensibility for artists coaching.

  • FREE inclusion in our directory of artists, photographers, writers, and models. 

  • FREE admission to support group sessions. 

  • FREE review of artwork once a year. (by established professionals).

  • 10% discount to any of our sessions/classes/fees. 

  • 10% discount on merchandise purchase. 

  • 10% discount on artwork purchase. 

  • 10% discount on equipment rentals.  

  • 10% discount on Podcast services. 

  • 10% discount on short film making support services. 

  • 5% discount on additional usage of studio floor.

  • 5% discount on book publishing expenses. 

  • Opportunity for nationwide exposure. 

  • Opportunity to submit artworks at our exhibitions.

  • Networking opportunity.

VALUE membership Benefits

  • FREE use of Imagenuine studio floor 8 hours per year. ($400 value).

  • FREE Financial sensibility for artists coaching.

  • FREE inclusion in our directory of artists, photographers, writers, and models. 

  • FREE admission to support group sessions. 

  • FREE evaluation of progress and artwork review twice a year. (by established professionals).  

  • FREE marketing & sales support for books and artworks.

  • 20% discount on equipment rentals. 

  • 20% discount on Podcast services. 

  • 20% discount on placing ad in our art tabloid and other publications. 

  • 15% discount on additional usage of studio floor.

  • 15% discount on artwork purchase. 

  • 15% discount on short film making support services.

  • 10% discount to any of our sessions/classes/fees. 

  • 10% discount on merchandise purchase. 

  • 10% discount on book publishing expenses. 

  • Opportunity for nationwide exposure. 

  • Opportunity to submit artworks at our exhibitions.

  • Networking opportunity.

  • Creative profile with photograph in our publications once a year. 

To experience and to enjoy a sample copy of our quality book publishing services, please ask us to mail you a copy of our recently published book - THE FOURTH CHILD. 

Retail priced at $34.95. 

For our prospective writers and members it is only $20.00 USD plus $5.00 USD shipping & handling charges. ONLY $25.00 USD (Must be within the USA or Canada.)

(To collect this sample book please CONTACT US via our contact page.)  

If the quality of this book doesn't exceed your expectations, we will refund your $20 when you notify us within 7 days after receiving the shipment. You are only required to cover the shipping and handling charges. No questions asked.   

Membership Fees will be published soon. The value of either membership is in excess of $1000.00 if & when fully utilized by the members. Through our collaboration initiative we are able to offer the actual fee at a fraction of the real value. We pledge not to turn down any application for membership simply due to shortage of funds. We remain focused to our objective. Our objective is to develop a thriving community of creative minds. Interested members are requested to submit their intent only. This will place you ahead in the line and will be processed as priority once the membership acceptance is open. Be assured. We are only interested to know in advance, just so that we can cater appropriately.   

Receive our FREE informative brochure plus a FREE gift (No obligation)
I would like the brochure and the gift mailed to:
We respect your privacy. No information will be shared with third parties.

Got questions? Just ask us via our CONTACT page. If you are interested in serving the community, please let us know. We are interested in volunteers. If you practice in photography, painting, or writing and able to volunteer a minimum of 8 hours per week, we assure you an interview. If you are accepted as one of our volunteers, you will receive complimentary VITAL membership for one year. (Must be at least 21 years of age.) 


PK Das

Managing Director

Communication Director

Lucia Palacios

Program Director

Rick Das

Technical Director

Julian Suniga

Media Manager

Jasmine Sagastegui

Studio Manager

Matt Barnett

Location Manager

Accounts Manager


Tim Herschbach




Visiting Artist

Visiting Artist

Visiting Photographer -Artist

Visiting Author

Do you believe you have something to offer to the art community? Do you wish to join Aseity Creations in a contributing capacity? We are glad you are excited about it. Please reach out to us. We are eager to talk with you. 

We respect your privacy. No information will be shared with third parties.


Born and brought up in Kolkata (Calcutta) in the state of West Bengal in India, PK was a student of English literature and language through the formal stream of education. Literature and art remained his soul call since his adolescence. He also took courses in Journalism, Photography, Film-making, Acting, and Mime.

PK's work life begun as an apprentice in a photography studio at the age of nineteen. At the age of twenty-one, PK’s first book, a collection of short stories was published. At twenty-two PK’s first short length experimental motion picture was released and it received critical acclaim. During this phase, PK was also deeply involved in stage theater and acting; a passion he carried since his first stage acting at the age of eight. Around the age of twenty-three PK started his career as a journalist. Being versatile in writing as well as in photography, often his news-features and photographs found its entry in newspapers and periodicals at the same time. Around the same period, PK earned his accreditation as a cine-still photographer. PK established his photography studio at the age of twenty-six. However, he folded everything as he moved to USA when he was twenty-eight.

While in USA, PK’s life altered drastically. He had to give up all his aspirations primarily due to lack of mobility, financial obstacles, and due to lack of available information as well as due to communication barrier. Beginning with working as a front desk clerk in a motel, PK eventually rose to mid-level management rank in the corporate world. Though none of these positions could ever make him feel fulfilled, however, PK utilized every opportunity to understand human characteristics and human psychology from every possible situation. “Every issue and each situation of life is an opportunity  to  learn  something  new” says PK. Drawing  analogy  from ‘Gita’; one of the most profound verses ever written, PK had very little illusion about his own existence in this world as well as the existence of anything else. 

After working in the business environment for over twenty years, In 2012, PK suddenly decided to exit the corporate world. However, by this time, PK already authored over a dozen of stage-plays and toured several  cities  within  the  USA. For a while, he also offered his services as a wedding and event photographer. As PK further studied photography, his creative photography works were also exhibited as well as used in auctions to raise funds for charitable causes. Additionally, PK mentored several acting enthusiasts whom he impacted positively and deeply. He also trained numerous photographers ranging from beginners to semi-professionals. A few models groomed by PK made it into the big arena of glamour and success.  

As a publisher and chief editor, PK launched the first ever commercial ‘Bengali’ (an Indian language and 7th most spoken language in the world) news-literary magazine in the USA in 2013. In 2014, the playwright side of PK, wrote his first ever stage-play in English: ‘Celebrated Silence.’ The subject was close to his heart as he voiced against some of the grave social issues such as ‘groping’ or inappropriate touch on women. Subsequently he authored, ‘Duryodhana – The Unconquerable’, a play based on the epic of Mahabharata. This play was accepted at several Fringe Festivals and PK toured several cities with the production.

2018 was yet another significant year for PK, as his collection of translated poetry ‘The Fourth Child’ was published with much fanfare. His entries fetched him juried poet recognition and he took part in a few poetry festivals in the USA. This collection is a magnificent production as it contains his unique interpretation utilizing his photography accompanying each of the translated poetry. Noted artist and PK's childhood friend, Debasish Bardhan contributed in this book through his outstanding illustrations. 

Since departing the corporate world, and through thick and thin, PK has been gradually returning to his core. A multifaceted individual, PK is once again deeply engaged in expressing his philosophy as well as his aesthetics through the three elements he is passionate about: Photography, Writing, and Acting/directing. Once again, PK is being recognized for his photography or photo-art at various exhibitions, galleries, and competitions. Over the last five years PK has also produced half a dozen short films. 

A life full of challenges and obstacles tackled with perseverance and deep rooted faith, PK realizes the suffocation of demised dreams and aspirations. That experience turned out to be the primary reason behind launching Aseity Creations. It is PK's aspiration now to extend a launch pad for all the young aspiring creative minds whereas, the same platform can become a bonding support system for the rest who still dream and who remain aspirant at whichever stage of their life they are in. Singularly, many of us may not ever see the light of fulfillment, however, collectively we can certainly assert our creativity in significant ways. A little support which PK seldom received has become his greatest asset and strength. He stands today in this world to spread and to share that good vibe of support to all who need it.   

“Life is seldom a ball game, nor is it a war; nonetheless, it is always restless, since it is viewed in moments yet perceived in eternity” says PK. “So, don’t fall into the trap of ‘time is of the essence’ and rather embrace the essence of the moment.”    

Imagenuine, Houston Artists' Commune, and Second Identity First are registered wings of Aseity Creations LLC

Gallery & Studio

1907 Sabine Street, Room# 110 & 113 

Houston TX 77007

Mailing Address

P.O. Box: 37061 Houston TX 77237

Phone: 281/703.5670

E-mail: aseitycreations@gmail.com


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