The artist's soul is like a tree with roots in the Heavens and limbs branching to earth, explosively blooming creation.


The artist's soul is like wildflowers growing in a ditch.

The artist's soul is like a deer darting out in front of our philosophical car. In a moment of shock we swerve and wreck our car, the deer escapes unharmed and we need a new philosophy.


The artist's soul is like the sky and clouds, constantly building amazing shapes, now wispy, now tempestuous, completely blocking the source of light, then dissolving into brilliant clarity.

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"The inspiration I received without ever knowing I was being inspired, changed my life. Not only my perspective changed, but also my realization." 

T.R. (Artist)

"The tenacity and conviction in showcasing my talent showed what the power of positivism can do and how it can impact a life creatively."

A.S. (Model & Performing Artist)

"I am a professional health & fitness instructor for years. I believe in healing through spirituality. But didn't know a holistically creative photo shoot could help me to invoke my core in the most authentic way." 

K.R. (Yoga Instructor)


"The caring guidance my son received at the beginners' level photo-art classes, constructed him as a confident, focused, and deeper person. His way of seeing things and his way of appreciation as well as analysis altered thoroughly. It is reflected in all his activities including study. I couldn't be more happier as a mother." 

R.G. (Mother of two)


"The philosophical approach and treatment I received, I never thought of expecting it just from a creative art session. I always thought art was just for art. Now I know better. I am thankful."

G.C. (Art Enthusiast/Amateur Photographer) 


1. In 2010, the American Journal of Public Health published a review titled, The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health. The article stated: 

a) Art filled occupational voids, distracted thoughts of illness.

b)Improved well-being by decreasing negative emotions and increasing positive ones.

c) Improved medical outcomes, trends toward reduced depression.

d) Reductions in stress and anxiety; increases in positive emotions​.

The artist's soul does what pleases its soul.

2. A 2005 report by the Rand Corporation called "A Portrait of the Visual Arts" argues that art education does more than just give students a creative outlet. It can actually help connect them to the larger world, ultimately improving community cohesion.

3. A 2011 study called "Reinvesting in Arts Education" found that integrating arts with other subjects can help raise achievement levels.

4. In "Neuroeducation: Learning, Arts and the Brain," Johns Hopkins researchers shared findings showing that arts education can help rewire the brain in positive ways.

5. New Harris Poll Reveals That 93% of Americans Believe That the Arts Are Vital to Providing a WellRounded Education. (

6. 79% of people believe that it’s important enough for them to get personally involved in increasing the amount and quality of arts education.

7. 54% rated the importance of arts education a “ten” on a scale of one to ten.

8. Students who study art are 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement and 3 times more likely to be awarded for school attendance.

9. Recent research suggests that to stave off cognitive decline, doing creative activities may be more effective than merely appreciating creative works. A 2017 report from the Mayo Clinic Study of Aging indicated that people over 70 who did crafts projects had a lower risk of developing mild cognitive impairment than did those who read books.

10. Decades of research have demonstrated that in people with dementia and other progressive neurological diseases, the ability to create art remains long after speech and language have diminished. Research has also shown that creating visual art can reduce stress and promote relaxation in people who are hospitalized or home-bound due to illness.

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