Imagenuine Outdoor Location

In addition to our indoor studio situated in the heart of Houston, TX., we travel to your choice of locations in order to create images just the way you wish to have. However, we present an open-air outdoor location of our own at your service. The land is virgin and immerses you in the nature where your creative genius is bound to unleash. Photographers, artists, models, writers or just the nature loving tourists find this location as paradise. We hold workshops and retreats here as well. Located just about 75 miles west of Houston, TX., (about an hour and fifteen minutes drive) in the countryside of Columbus, TX., our outdoor location is one of the most picturesque landscape that is close to all modern amenities yet allows us to enfranchise our sense of freedom in as primitive way as we can imagine. Spread over nearly one hundred acres of land, Imagenuine outdoor location extends variety of backdrops to create diverse possibilities. The land can be rented by the hour or by the day. To reserve or to obtain more information, please contact us or write us a mail at or call us at (281)703-5670.      

Location 1.jpg
Entrance to the paradise of Imagenuine outdoor location

The gravel road, wild flowers (seasonal), matured trees, beautiful sky (weather permitting) await to welcome you. Our horse may even greet you warmly. Sighting of deer and other wild souls though not assured, however, the possibility is promising. As you follow the gravel path, soon you enter the fenced ground that instigate you to discover your own whole new world.    

Nature's Sculpture.jpg
Unpaved way alongside nature's bounty
Matured Trees.jpg
Lush greenery of matured trees and meadows

In our open-air studio ground, you become the creator of your own creative kingdom. Our courteous and attentive assistant (support staff available between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM) caters to your needs while extending you complete privacy to cultivate and create your work of art, writing, or just relaxation. We offer you bottled water, light snacks (please specify your preference during booking), towels and other necessary amenities. Overnight creators/visitors are provided with tent(s). Please bring your own sleeping bags, pillows etc. Meals from local restaurants can be arranged upon request. Please note: To preserve its rustic value, the space does not have electricity, running water (faucet), toilet (however, we do have a primitive style rest room on the location site as well as a modern rest room in the office of the landlord). Nonetheless, we offer rental photography equipment such as camera (various Nikon models), monolight, reflector, flash, tripod, monopod, easel and much more. We also offer post-session production services such as photo editing, framing etc. Just ask us. For the aspiring amateurs and the budding semi-professionals our rental service extends an excellent opportunity for them to unleash their creativity without spending a fortune.          

Descending steps to the creators' play field
Casual intricate setup to entice creative urges

The ground can accommodate up to ten adults (two per tent) for overnight staying, especially, for the enthusiasts who wishes to capture or to draw images either under the soothing light of dawn or during the post sunset mystic ambiance. We provide Tiki torch, as well as the artist extraordinaire landlord Matt's hand-crafted creations of candle holders. The creators' play ground comes with a clay oven. Collect your own wood or just ask us to provide it. Light up the fire and enjoy baked pizza or a bar-b-q.   

Clay Oven.jpg
Clay Oven at your service
Light Holder.jpg
Bar-B-Q Pit.jpg
Bar-B-Q Pit on site

Once settled, roam around with our assistant, just to get familiar with the accessible locations. Keep your creative mind alert and you are assured to find many amazing artistic creations of the nature that can be part of your creations of the day. The shapes of the trees, the dancing grass, the swaying leaves, the curves of the paths, and so much more candidly awaiting to transform into a new life through your artistic renditions. Stretch your imagination to its maximum extent and experience the unfolding of a new horizon for yourself and for your companions. It's just magic.  

Art of fallen trees
Fallen tree.jpg
Shape of a tree.jpg
Endless meadows
Endless meadow.jpg

As you stroll through this virgin picturesque land, suddenly the magical spell of the nature multiplies in umpteen folds. Yes, a beautiful creek sets the boundary to our creators' play ground. And right at the bank of the creek, following a few steps through the wooded path stands our unique tree house. The creek stretches for miles, though we ask you to stay within our perimeters. Every turn of the creek presents thousands of different possibilities towards creating unique and magnificent volume of work. The tree house is one small room with a daybed and small table with two chairs. It has two windows and a balcony. In addition to blending the tree house as part of your creative works, a party of two can rent the tree house for overnight stay. Use it as your art tool or simply enjoy the bird's eye view from atop. Suddenly you will come to terms with surrealism.  

The Creek.jpg
The Creek
Tree House.jpg
The Tree House

Did we mention we are able to connect you with professional models as well? Yes, we work with a group of highly talented and highly experienced models. They are available for you to facilitate in your creative endeavors. Just ask us and we will be happy to assist you. Please note: We are not a modelling agency. We have professional relationship with the models who work with us for our in-house creative works and available for our clients' art related creative works only. For that matter, we have decorated the creators' play ground with several rock and stone pedestals that can be utilized for posing purposes. The white sand beach by the creek is also an excellent backdrop for creative works. Please be aware that the water level in the creek varies vastly and we do not recommend anyone to dive in. However, if you know swimming, feel free to take a dip into the water as well as utilize it to pose your models. There is no life-guard available at our facility. Therefore, know your own skill and use the creek under your own risk and responsibility. Nature offers us a lot while it demands respect and proper appreciation from us. Always be mindful.  

Model on stone pedestal.jpg
Model on Stone Pedestal
Model by the Creek.jpg
Model by the Creek

Now that you know at least a portion of what is possible here, contact us, or e-mail us, or call us. Make your dream a reality now. Be as wildly natural as you wish to be or simply take a pause from your hustling and bustling life to rejuvenate while simply admiring the gift of nature or better yet - just by being an inseparable part of the mother nature. In every which way you will return to the civilization being a notch superior (qualitatively) than ever before, unless you transform into a 'Lotus-Eater'! Our warmth welcomes you. So does the soul call of creativity. 

Be one with nature.jpg
Be One With The Nature
Be wild.jpg
Be Creatively & Wildly Natural
Discover natural formations.jpg
Discover Nature's Gifts
Create your own art.jpg
Create Your Own Universe

With everything we have stated here, the rate is really affordable. We support art. We support creativity. We support humanity. A portion of each booking goes to support some non-profit organizations, especially to the ones who is relentlessly working against human trafficking, and rehabilitating survivors of sexual assault and aggression. Imagenuine has pledged to support and to develop more and more artistic minds, because we believe creativity is one of the most noble and effective ways to enhance the essence of humanity. We work hand in hand with photographers, models, and artists who are promising yet struggling. We provide financial support in the form of discounted rates to all who truly needs it. 


Minimum two hours booking rate begins at $75. Each additional hour: $30. Half day (4 hours): $125. Full day: (8 hours): $225. Overnight: $300.

  • Rates shown above are base price for limited open-air creative work space with two attendees. 

  • Some restrictions may apply.

  • Additional charges may apply.

  • Please contact us for exact quote.

  • Please ask about model rates, and equipment rental pricing.

  • Applicable tax to be added.

Available Rentals:

  • Open-air space. 

  • Tents and other arrangements for overnight stay. 

  • Tree House on hourly basis or for overnight stay. (maximum two people). 

  • Easel. 

  • Light for drawing after dark.

  • Nikon Z7 camera body. (FX format. Full frame mirrorless. 45.7 megapixel. 64 - 25,600 ISO. 4K UHD.) 

  • Nikon D850 camera body. (FX format. Full frame. 45.7 megapixel. 64 - 25,600 ISO. 4K UHD. wi-fi. Bluetooth.) 

  • Nikon D5 camera body. (FX format. Full frame. 20.8 megapixel. 100 - 102,400 ISO. Expandable to 3,280,000 ISO. 12 FPS continuous shooting. Brilliant for low light photography.)  

  • Nikon D810A camera body. (good for astrophotography. FX format. 36.3 megapixel. 200 - 12,800 ISO. 15 minute long exposure M mode.)

  • Nikkor F mount 8 - 15mm f3.5 - 4.5 E ED autofocus Fisheye lens. 

  • Nikkor F mount 14 - 24mm f2.8 G ED autofocus wide angle lens. 

  • Nikkor F mount 24 - 70mm f2.8 E ED autofocus VR zoom lens. 

  • Nikkor F mount 70 - 200mm f4 G ED autofocus VR zoom lens. 

  • Nikkor F mount 200 - 500mm f5.6 E ED VR autofocus zoom lens. 

  • Nikkor F mount 105mm f2.8 G ED VR autofocus Micro lens. 

  • F mount to Z mount conversion ring. Nikon FTZ adapter. 

  • Nikon Speedlight SB-5000.

  • Godox AD600 Pro Monolight. 2.4G wireless system. (Compatible to work with Godox TTL camera flash, TTL outdoor flash. Professional lithium battery pack with capacity up to 360 full power flashes with recycle time between 0.01 - 0.9 seconds.) 

  • Godox LED stick light LC 500. (516 LED beads. 3300K - 5600K) 

  • Professional stands for monolights.

  • Ladybug 1000 LED continuous studio lighting system with dimmer. 

  • Mount Dog continuous studio light system (5200K) with stands, softboxes, and honeycombs.  

  • Umbrellas. (White). 

  • Reflectors (White, silver, and gold) with stands. 

  • Additional photo accessories (such as spare camera battery, battery charger, lens hood, lens cap etc).

  • Altura wireless transmitters (to fire off camera flashes).     

  • Manfrotto Tripod. 

  • Monopod. 

  • HD cards. 

  • Parabolic softbox. 

  • Light stands and light booms. 

  • 22 inch Beauty Dish.

  • EZ Lock 42 inch Beauty Dish. (Portable)

  • Bowen mounts. 

  • Mount Dog background system. 

  • Backgrounds (Blue, White, Black, Brown)

  • Snoots and Barn doors.  

  • "To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it." -- Kurt Vonnegut

  • "Everything you can imagine is real." -- Pablo Picasso

  • "The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul." -- Dieter F. Uchtdorf



Sri Krishna in Gita. Chapter:11; Sloka: 7

Translation: Behold now, the entire universe, with everything moving and non-moving, assembled together in my universal form. Whatever else you wish to see, observe it all within this universal form.

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