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Residential Art Decoration & Installation Service

A HOME is not just a structure defined by boundaries of walls. Smaller boundaries within the ultimate boundary are defined by suggested activities of day to day life. They are known as bedroom, living room, family room, study, home office, kitchen, and of course bathroom. Each house typically contains all those spaces, yet not any house becomes your home. You buy or custom build your home based on your taste. Certain features, and certain designs find a connection between your characteristics and your desire only to be called the space your home. Once you move in, you decorate the spaces to identify it as your home. The table where you have your morning coffee, the couch where you relax, the bed where you finally retire at the end of each day, and perhaps more importantly the room where you entertain your visitors and gusts - all bear the signature of your inner as well as outer persona. Your vision, your value, your vibe constantly flows through the air of your home. It is therefore, not just about placing items to fill in the spaces - it is rather about your emotional and psychological health and well being. It is not just a need. It is important for our existence. That is why we extend our value added artistic service in assisting you towards achieving the home environment that matches with your personality. It is not about decorating your home with generic materials. It is about configuring very specific works of art that complement you. Contact us. Whether you are buying an existing home or building your dream home or realigning your existing home appearance, artists of Imagenuine can help you make your dream come true.     

Does your home look like this? 

Beautiful structure - beautiful furniture & fixture

Yet empty like lifeless?

CONTACT us. Our artist will meet with you in your home. Following an in-home evaluation and an interview, Imagenuine will present you with multiple choices and options to convert the space into a statement that is uniquely yours. We will primarily focus into photo-arts and its placement. From our wide range of selection, you can pick and choose any piece of artwork that expresses your taste and personality. Your primary choice can be either just photo-art or a mixture of photo-art and other mediums of art such as paintings. In either situation, you can then either pick from our stock or we can customize the pieces based on your need and want.  

From a Museum home to a Vintage art collector's home to an art collector's paradise - the options are endless. No matter who you are and what your taste is, Imagenuine can create the environment that is simply as unique as you are. We will provide you detailed information about any piece of artwork (its history, its philosophy, and its substance) as we move along with your selections. 

We cover every space that matter to your existence. Entry foyer is often the statement of your introduction. It is not just about the chandelier that beautifies that space. It is more important about the artworks that the chandelier illuminates.  

From simple and balanced to artificially unbalanced and complex geometric designs - once again - the choices are unlimited and without any boundary. Often the available area or space along with its unique structural composition allow us to create an arrangement that cannot be duplicated ever.  

A traditional or else generic living room can be transformed into a subtle expression of art without any extra expenses. Your home is not a cheap motel. So, why put up with a shabby wall hanging replica that doesn't say even one word about who you are. All it takes is an educated artistic understanding. That trained understanding - like an act of miracle, can convert your living room into a new life that is fully aligned with who you are. It really doesn't matter whether your home is a mansion or something else. It is not about how much space you may have, nor is it about how much you paid for the home. It is about subtlety. It is about artistry. It is about creativity and imagination. It is about creating your own true image. Whether you favor Chai tea latte, or whether you prefer Caramel iced coffee - it always makes a statement about you (though you may not be conscious about it), similarly, what you put up on the wall - always magnify your unique-self. And who knows better than you - life is all about expressing the self while embracing others as you introduce them to your own world. Together you create the universe. Therefore, authenticity in your personal space ought to be of utmost priority.     

Talking about your personal space - may we approach your bedroom please? Whether you are a spiritual guru or whether you are a savvy corporate executive or an aspiring model/actor - the bedroom is perhaps your most intimate space. Most likely, you have a mirror in this room. What does that reflect when you look onto it? Is it the structure of your face or is it the deeper truth that only you are privileged to see? Yes, in this world, most people live in two distinct compartmental life. One is for the people and one is for the self. One is perfect and the other is perhaps not so convincingly one hundred per cent perfect. Nonetheless, those few flaws, only you acknowledge and only you shelter within safely. Bedroom is your shelter - your refuge! It is a space to hide, it is a space to be bold. It is actually your very own canvas. Allow us to make it authentically adorable by you, for you, of you. Remember, what you dream while asleep - has a lot to do with the ambiance. So, to tame it down or to spice it up - let it speak the truth to you, let it speak the truth for you. 

As you may have already noticed, it is not about luxury. It is rather about the subtle artistic touch that converts a simple as well as modest bedroom into an extra-ordinary room that comes alive exactly along with your own pace and rhythm. 

With you kind permission, let us take a look into the bathroom please. Don't worry, we are not here to judge. We are here with a mission. It is your mission. Hence the permission is sought and we assume it is granted. Let's move forward. Shall we? 

Bathroom is a room too. Life happens here. For many - bathroom is their sanctuary. People weep silently in their bathroom, people enact their aspirations in the bathroom, people become philosopher in bathroom. Often away from the maddening crowd of home, bathroom gives us refuge. We clean ourselves, we purify ourselves, we beautify ourselves here. Hence, bathroom is not a mere space of negligence. 

Do you find life in this bathroom? We are sorry, but we pronounced this bathroom to be dead. It could be a public bathroom where like transients, people come and go without having the need to connect with. It is no better than momentary 'use and throw' phenomenon.   

Whether you have a small bathroom or a fancy one, it really doesn't matter. What matters is the reality of finding the intimacy that you want. For some - a bathroom is their museum of family heritage, whereas, for some others, it is the reflection of their elegance. Either way, a bathroom should speak to you while occupied.

We sincerely appreciate your attention and thankful for your interest. To move forward with your project, please CONTACT us. We assure you a fair evaluation and a highly competent artistic service. We are not interior decorator. We are artists who work with you closely to bring out your own artistic abilities. It is not in museums or in art galleries we find art. We visit those places to appreciate art, only because we develop a sense of artistic value. Imagine for once, what the shape of this world would be without art! And since charity always begins at home, is it not time for you to make the move in your own home and for yourself? Imagenuine is here to assist you. We are diverse when it comes to art. Beginning with abstract art and photography, we cover all of the following and much more: Adventure art, Architectural art, black & white art, boudoir art, candid art, cityscape art, commercial art, editorial art, event art, family art, fashion art, fine art nude, food art, glamour art, health & fitness art, landscape art, macro art, models' portfolio art, nature art, journalistic art, pinup art, portrait art, product art, senior photography art, still-life art, travel art, wildlife art. Most importantly, all these works can be customized based on your taste. Therefore, if you wish to place a piece of work that is very specific in its subject content, simply let us know and we will customize it for you. Give us a try. Know that you are not obligated by any means. Whether your budget is $500 or $50,000, know that art is always possible at Imagenuine and it is immeasurable by money. 

At Imagenuine, we believe in spreading the air of art throughout the world. We believe, art is the one of the most prominent ways to develop humanity as well as authenticity. We are committed to our society. Therefore, a portion of the proceeds always go to support some of the non-profit organizations who have been working ceaselessly to help the people who are in need.  

Imagenuine, Houston Artists' Commune, and Second Identity First are registered wings of Aseity Creations LLC

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